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22 déc. 2009

✤ Balenciaga VS Balmain ✤ : Anna Wintour interviewée par Mademoiselle Agnès !

Anna Wintour : " I think it's totally important for all of us in the American fashion industry to support the young designers, and I think that's why New York's become such a vibrant fashion center, because people go there not only to see the Donna Karans of the world but a whole new generation. I'm just so sorry that there isn't something like that in Paris that's similar. I think that they should look for the younger generation here [in Paris] as well. Not only New York but London really supports their young talent; Franca Sozzani at Italian Vogue supports the young Italian designers, and I think when France is so known for its fashion industry — for them not to be reaching out to help younger people today is really a shame. [Agnes: "And there's space in your pages for them."] There's space in everybody's pages"

✤ Documentaire réalisé par Loic Prigent ✤

2 commentaires:

  1. Comment voir l'émission en entier?

  2. je ne sais pas je ne l'ai pas encore retrouvée sur le net je te tiens o courant ;)


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